Q: What does the Sync with Source option in my Roster mean?

A: Sync with Source is a way for teachers to get their rosters back in sync with an import. This is particularly useful if a teacher has made manual additions, changes or removals from their roster, and then decides later that they would prefer that the import manage their rosters again.

To use this feature, go to your Roster (via the Manage Class menu) and select Manage Roster. Under the Manage Roster menu, there will be a Sync with Source option. Select Sync with Source.


You will now see options for syncing your roster. If you have linked roster sections, you will be able to see the status of each section. Here's an example:


Examples of what may be seen at this step:

In Sync: If you see the "in Sync" label on your section or class, that means it's in sync with the import and you have nothing to worry about.

Section Linked: This section is linked to to an imported roster. The wizard shows us both the students that were added manually, and the students that have been removed, but are in the import. A few notes:

  • You can choose whether to remove manually added students.
  • If you sync, all students in the import but that were removed from the class will be brought back

Section Manual: If you have a manually created class and/or manually created sections that are not linked to any class, you won't be able to Sync with Source because there is no tie to the import.

A few more general notes about Syncing:

  • When students are brought back by the wizard, so are their parents.
  • The sync does not affect co-teachers.
  • The sync does not override students who are already in the class, but who are also tied to another section within the same class.

Why doesn't the Sync with Source tool move students between sections? This is because moving students between sections can result in data loss, and PowerSchool Learning does not automate anything that could cause for data loss. To avoid data loss, neither the import nor the sync tool will handle this case.

If you need to move a student between sections, you can do so in your roster under the Manage > Edit Student menu. Read more about moving students between sections here.