Q:  Should I use Individual Invitations or an Open Invitation to add students to my class?  If I use an Open Invitation how will my student's show up in my class roster?

A:  There is only one major difference between using open invite and creating invitation codes for each student, and it is related to parent accounts. If you use an open invitation parents will be able to create accounts, but they will not be linked to their students.

This will prevent parents from seeing their students' grades. For this reason if you are planning on having parents use PowerSchool Learning, we would suggest using individual invitations. Otherwise you should have no problems using an open invitation. When using the open invitation code, your students will be prompted to log in to PowerSchool Learning with an existing account, or create a new account. Once this has been done, their account will be added to your class roster.

If you have already created individual invitations for a class creating an open invitation will delete all pending invitations.

*Please note that if your school or district is importing students directly into PowerSchool Learning, you will not need to invite students to your classes.