Roster Scenario 3: Creating a Master Class for Imported Roster Sections (& Linking Roster Sections)

Scenario 3: Creating a Master Class for Imported Roster Sections

I am teaching multiple sections of a class. My school or district imported each section as a separate class. I want to manage my sections from within one master class. I did not create content ahead of time.

If you are teaching multiple sections that are all using the same content, and you would like to manage these sections from within one class, the very best way to do this is to set up linked roster sections.


A bit of background:

Each imported class section has its own ID that correlates it to the data imported by your SIS. This connection is what allows roster information from your SIS to update rosters in PowerSchool Learning. It is important to maintain these class sections as independent entities in PowerSchool Learning in order to preserve the link to your SIS.

In order to manage these sections from one class within PowerSchool Learning, you will need to first set up a manual class in PowerSchool Learning. When we refer to a manual class, this means a class that was created by the teacher rather than an import. You can create a manual class by clicking the Add Class button on the Inactive Classes tab.


This manual class will be your “Master Class.” This is the class in which you will be creating all of your content and activities, and into which you will be pulling your section rosters.


Now that you have created your manual class, go to the Manage Class menu and select Roster. Toward the top left, you will see a Create Sections button next to the Add Student button.



Click on Create Sections. The first time you create sections in a class, you will be given a little description of what sections are used for:



Click OK to proceed.


You will now see two sections created by default. You have the option to add more sections by clicking the Add Section button. You can rename a section by clicking on the edit link next to the section name.



Go ahead and add as many sections as you need, and rename them as appropriate. The number of sections should correspond with the number of imported class sections you have from your SIS. These sections will still be empty at this point.


Once your sections are created, follow these next steps for each of your sections.

1. Go to the first section (or whichever is appropriate) in the class and click the Import Students button.


*Note: It is very important that you do not click the Add Students button if you want your SIS to be in charge of updating your rosters.


2. You will now need to select the source from which you would like to bring your rosters into this section. Because the import from your SIS has already imported section rosters into classes, you will want to select the “Import from another Roster” option. Once you select this option, a menu will appear below that allows you to search for the name of the class from which you would like to import your students.


If you check “Only list my classes” the search will filter by only your classes.


*Note: Admins must be masquerading to use the “Only list my classes” filter effectively.


3. Type the name of your class into the search and press the search button. Select the Import button next to the imported class section that has the corresponding roster you want to bring in to your master class.


4. Once you click Import, you will be given a very important choice. This choice will determine whether or not your SIS is responsible for updating your rosters.


Select Link Imported Class to Section A and click Continue.


If you create a link between the imported class roster and your Master class section, your SIS will update your roster when it runs.


*Note: If you do not create a link, or remove the link after the class has been set up, your class roster will not be updated by your SIS.


5. After clicking Continue, you will see a list of students that will be imported, and you will asked if you would like to Import these students. Select Import.


After selecting Import, you will be returned to the Roster screen.


You can now see that your students have been added to the Roster, and that there is a “link” icon next to the section name.



The link is the indication you have that your class roster is being updated by an imported roster outside of this class.


Now, repeat these steps 1-5 for each of your sections. Once you do, your roster setup for this class will be complete.


When Imported Roster Classes are linked to Master Class Sections, the Master Class should be Active while the Imported Roster Classes stay Inactive. This way, only the Master Class shows up in Student Portals. The Imported Roster Classes will continue to be controlled by the SIS Imports even though they remain in an Inactive state. 


If you consider unlinking a Roster Section, please note: While PS Learning protect regular Grades from any accidental deletion during this process, as of now, if you only used Special Score Notation to Grade Students in the Section, those Special Score Notation Grades will be lost when you unlink the Roster Section. Here is more information about unlinking a Roster Section:


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