Scenario 2: Merging Content into an Imported Class 

I am teaching only one section of a class. I created content ahead of time in PowerSchool Learning. I need to get my imported roster into my content class.

In order to get your content and your imported roster together, we need to Merge your content class into your imported class. A Merge will take your content from your content class and Merge it into the imported class. Your imported class will retain its information from your SIS including the roster. This allows the class roster to be updated by your SIS, while simultaneously bringing in your content from the content class. 

To perform a Merge, go to the Manage Class menu and select Merge. You will see a list of imported classes with which you can merge your content class. Select the imported class into which you wish to merge your content, and follow the directions. You will see a list of what is about to happen. Review the details prior to Merging, and click OK if you wish to trigger the Merge



*Note 1: A Merge cannot be undone. 

*Note 2: In order to avoid data collisions, the Merge function has safeguards built in that create a set of restrictions that may prevent the Merge from happening. For more information on the requirements of the Merge, visit this article: Can I Merge a Class I Created with a Class Imported by My School?