Q: How do I hide or reveal students who have been removed from my class Roster?

A: When a student is removed from a class, they default to be hidden from the roster. You can adjust the default settings for a class to reveal (and hide again) removed students from the Roster, Gradebook, and Attendance features though the Roster Settings menu.


How do I reveal or hide students that have been removed from my Roster?

To reveal or hide removed students, select Manage Class, then click Edit Roster to open the Roster. From there, open the Manage Roster menu and click on Roster Settings for more options.


Once you have opened the Roster Settings pop-up window, adjust the setting marked "Hide removed students." If the setting is checked, removed students will automatically be hidden from most areas of your class such as the Roster, Gradebook, and Attendance features, and the Inbox recipients list. Removed students will no longer receive Notifications from that class.



Where did all of my student's data go? Why can't I just delete my removed students?

In the interest of preventing the accidental loss of important student information, PowerSchool Learning no longer permits students with data to be permanently deleted from the Roster of a class. Once a user is Removed and Hidden, it will seem that most of their information has gone away, but it has not been deleted. You can re-enable a removed student at any time by unchecking the "Hide removed students" option in Roster Settings. Then find the removed student in your Roster, open the Manage drop-down menu, and select "Enable student."


Once you have selected "Restore student access" the student will reappear in your Gradebook, Inbox recipients list, etc. All of their data should be repopulated.

Please note: In order to maintain the integrity of Wikiprojects and Discussions, student work submitted to those areas of a class will not be hidden when the student is removed or hidden in the Roster.


What about Parents of removed students?

Parents of students removed from a Roster will also appear as removed, rendered unable to see or access the class, and no longer receive Notifications from the class. Hiding all removed students will also hide parents associated with those students from the Roster and Inbox recipients list.