Q. I would like to email everyone in my class. How do I email my roster?

A. You can send an email to everyone (or anyone!) through the Email Roster feature, located under your Manage Roster menu.


Using the Email Roster Feature

  1. To email your Roster, go to Manage Class and then select Edit Roster from the drop-down menu:

  2. Select Manage Roster, then Email Roster.

  3. An email dialogue will appear and from here you will be able to compose your email.

  4. Select the Add Recipient or begin typing to add recipients to the message. You can email Everyone, select Roster Sections, just Students, just Parents, or any combination of those options!

  5. Use the Attach a File option to send a file attachment with your email. For Private classes, students will need to log into their account to download the file.


Email recipients will be blind carbon-copied (BCC'd) on this email, and will be able to reply directly to the sender.

A few notes:

1) It is important to note that emails can only be sent and delivered to students who have an external email address stored in PowerSchool Learning. The Email Roster tool is an external communication tool only, and not designed for communication within the Inbox feature.

2) Admins cannot use this feature with masquerade. Only teachers in the roster of a class may email their roster.


Note: If you have any issues receiving emails, make sure that "noreply@" your domain has been added as an allowed address for your email account.