How do I delete sections from my Class?


Q: How do I delete sections from my Class?

A:  You can easily delete sections by editing the Roster through the Manage Class menu.


  1. In your class, start by clicking the Manage Class gear icon and select Edit Roster from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select Manage Sections.


  3. Find the Section you want to delete and select Delete.3.png


If you just would like to keep the Section and just change Rosters, select Unlink then choose the new roster through the Import Students area.

Please note: While PS Learning protect regular Grades from any accidental deletion during this process, as of now, if you only used Special Score Notation to Grade Students in the Section, those Special Score Notation Grades will be lost when you unlink the Roster Section. 


For more on Roster Sections check out our article Enter Content once for Multiple Class Sections using Roster Sections.