Q: As a teacher, how do I clean out my rosters at the end of the year? What happens to student work in old classes?

A: First, let's tackle roster cleanup. There are a few scenarios that may apply to you:

  1. If your school populates your class rosters, the roster removal will happen automatically when the administration runs the import to bring in new data and remove old data.  Since you cannot control when your administrator runs the import and removes students, if you want to prevent student access ahead of that, you can make your class Inactive. Making your class Inactive makes it invisible to everyone except for teachers and co-teachers.
  2. If you are managing your roster manually, you will determine when and if students are disabled in the roster. Making the class Inactive may be all you need to do. Removing students one at a time is unnecessary if you make your class Inactive.
  3. If you are working with a roster that has ongoing enrollment over time and the class has no end date, that would be a case where you might want to remove one student at a time, but not make the class inactive.  You can remove a student through the Manage button next to their name in the Roster.

Once a student is removed from a class (either by import from your school, or one at a time by the teacher), student accounts are Removed from the roster. Students can no longer access the class, but their work is retained in the class. (Read more on keeping student work from years past.)

Because work is retained in the class even after students are removed, it's far better for teachers to create a new class for their new roster each year, and re-use the content they wish from the previous class.

Instead of removing students from the roster for an existing class and re-using the same class container for the next class, teachers can:

  1. Make the old class Inactive.
  2. Create a new class and copy your old content into it, using Save As, Share, or another method, as appropriate for your context.
  3. Add your new Roster to your new Class.*

*If your Domain Administrator has already imported new classes and rosters for the new term, you may want to look into the advanced roster scenarios below:

For a more detailed description of start and end of year setup, check out our article on how to close your classes at the end of one school year and create new classes for the next.