How To: Learning - How to fix a Master Class Roster that's out of sync.


Sometimes the Roster(s) of your Master Class might be out of sync with the linked imported Roster. This article will help you identify when this is the case, and show you how to fix it.



How to spot the issue


The system will give you a notification when Students are missing from the Roster of the Class you're in.





You can also double check by going to Manage Class > Edit Roster > Manage Sections and check for any discrepancies between Students in the Section and the linked Roster.








How to fix the issue


Sync with Source - The first thing to try is to go to Manage Class > Edit Roster > Manage Roster > Sync with Source. The system will tell you what changes the Sync with Source will do if you go ahead. Check the boxes for the Sections you wish to sync and click "Sync".






Unlink and relink the Roster. - If Sync with Source incorrectly says that all Sections are in sync even though you know they are not, you should proceed to unlink and relink the Roster Sections that are not in sync. Here are the steps:


1. Go to Manage Class > Edit Roster > Manage Sections > click on the Section that's out of sync > Unlink




2. Stay in the same window and click Import Students.

3. Select Import from another Roster and check the box to only show your Classes if you are the Teacher of the Roster (or an Administrator masquerading as the Teacher)

4. Enter a search word if you wish to narrow your search and click Search

5. Identify the correct roster and click + Import next to this roster

6. Choose the link option


7. Confirm that it is the correct students for the roster

8. Click Import Students.



That's it, you're done! Now you can go back to the section "How to spot the issue" to confirm that the discrepancy between the number of Students in the Class and the number of Students in the linked roster Class is gone.



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