Q: Help! I accidentally merged a manual class with an imported class, instead of linking sections. How do I un-merge those classes?

A: While there isn't an un-merge option, there is a way to get the classes back into the same situation to try linking the classes again!

Note: A member of your admin team can take care of the following steps for you, so be sure to reach out to them using the Help > Contact My Organization menu.

First, you'll need a domain administrator to update the merged class and revert it to an Empty Master Class:

  1. Navigate to the Class in Domain Control
  2. Select Manage Class > Edit Settings
  3. Click the Clear ID button to remove the Import ID from the Class
  4. Select Save
  5. Choose Manage Class > Edit Roster
  6. Select Manage Roster > Clear Roster

You should now have an Empty Master Class, so let's re-create the Roster Section Class via the Import process!

Your admin will know best how to handle this, as Domains running Full Imports can just run and approve the latest Import, while Domains using Partial Imports will need to re-run the Import that had originally created the Roster Section Class.

  1. Head over to Domain Control
  2. Upload an Import file for your domain
  3. Approve the latest Import and you're on your way!

If your domain is using an automatic import to regularly update classes, you can simply wait for the next automatic import to re-import your class roster. Once the Import runs again, a new Roster Section Class will be created. Now that you've got both classes again, be sure to check out our article on Linking a Master Class to Imported Roster Sections to help guide you along when linking the classes!