Q: Can I add a student as a teacher in a class?


A: Yes, a teacher can add a student from one class as a co-teacher in another class.


Adding this student user as a co-teacher in this class would give him/her the same rights as you. The only thing the co-teacher cannot do is delete the class.

To add a student as a co-teacher in a class, select the class in which you wish them to be a teacher. Click on Manage Class to the right of the class title and select Edit Roster from the menu.


Inside the Roster window, Click on the Teacher tab and then click on the Add Teacher button.


Type in the email address or username of the student you wish to add as a co-teacher and click on the Add Teacher button.


The student should now show up as a co-teacher in this class.


*Note: A PowerSchool Learning user cannot serve two roles in the same class. For instance, a student cannot be a teacher and a student in the same class, but students from one class can be added as a teacher in another class.