What Can I Do With My ePortfolio Once I Export It?

Q: What can I do with my ePortfolio once I export it?


A: Once you export and download your ePortfolio, you have some options for how to share the content.


To export and download your ePortfolio, go to Manage ePortfolio > Select Export to HTML 


2016-09-30 11_17_21-000247.jpg


You will then see an option to export either All Pages or Published Pages Only 


2016-09-30 11_17_53-000248.jpg


Once the export is processed, you can download the file.


2016-09-30 11_18_28-000249.jpg



2016-09-30 11_18_39-000250.jpg



The zip file that is downloaded is an HTML archive. It should include all files, images, and necessary pieces to re-create the ePortfolio as a website. These are all linked together via the index.html file contained in the folder.


Once exported and downloaded, you will have a few options to view and share the ePortfolio with others:


  • Open the index.html file in a browser to view the ePortfolio (Note: this will be linked to the file on the computer, so this option only works on the computer where the file is located) 
  • Upload the zip file to a website, that you host, for others to visit 
  • Upload the zip file to a site that accepts embedded or hosted HTML Archives, such as the MiniSite feature in PowerSchool Learning. 
  • Share the zip file with others as an attachment, and instruct them to download it, and open the index.html file in a browser to view.
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