How do I use My Portal?

Q: How do I use the My Portal area?


A: The first page you'll see when logging in to PowerSchool Learning is your Portal. The Portal is where you can see, and quickly jump to, items and information from each of your classes, all in one place.



Your Portal can show you any of the following:


  • Active classes
  • Announcements
  • Grade Summary
  • Recent Grades
  • Recent Activity
  • Calendar


All of these blocks will be customized for your school, so depending on your school's settings, you may not see some of these areas in your Portal.


Information from all of your Active Classes can be displayed on the Portal at the same time. You can check and uncheck your Active Classes to filter out information from certain classes.


You can click on any item in the Portal to see more information, or to be taken to the item within its associated class. Items will be marked with a color coded circle with the first letter(s) of the class it is linked to. Hover over this colored circle to see what class the item comes from.


You can quickly reach the Portal from anywhere in PowerSchool Learning by clickling on the PowerSchool Learning logo on the top left, P Learning.


Please note that the list of Classes includes all Classes in which you are enrolled, whether that be in the role of a Student, Teacher or Parent.