How Do I Share My ePortfolio?

Q: How do I share my ePortfolio?


A: You can share your ePortfolio in two ways, depending on your school's ePortfolio settings.


Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition accounts at this time.


Export Method:


1. Go to your ePortfolio and select Manage ePortfolio>Export HTML.




2. Select what portion of your ePortfolio you would like to download.



3. Once the ePortfolio is exported you must Download the file. 




4. You can now share your file with others, and they can view your ePortfolio. 



Share Method:

You can share your ePortfolio by sending a link via email to others. This setting is controlled by the administrators at your school and you must have permission to share your ePortfolio.


1. Select Manage ePortfolio>Share ePortfolio




2. Input the email address you would like to send your ePortfolio link to, click Send




3. Once you have sent your ePortfolio, you can click Close

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