How Do I Set Up ePortfolio Templates For My Organization?

Q: I am a Domain administrator, how do I grant access to a staff member so that they can set up a template for my organizations' ePortfolios?
A: If you are interested in setting up ePortfolio templates for your users, you can grant access to a manager through the following steps:
  1. Browse to the user's (future manager) username in your Domain Control
  2. Click on their name to go to their detail page.
  3. Click on the Permissions tab on the detail page.

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  4. Click on the Add Permission button

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  5. Choose the ePortfolio Template option

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  6. Click on the Assign Permission button to assign this permission to the whole domain

Once permissions have been added to the user, they can edit the ePortfolio Template by browsing to it. They will find it on the Portal navbar listed under ePortfolios and Manage Template.
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