What Kinds Of Special Permissions Can I Assign To Users?

Q. What kinds of special permissions can I assign to users?


A. Domain administrators can give users a variety of special permissions that go beyond the standard permissions they get based on their account roles. You can manage permissions for a user by opening the user's Account Info page in Domain Control and clicking on the Permissions tab.


Some permissions essentially give users limited domain administrator powers. You typically don't need to give domain administrators these permissions because they already have them.


  • Domain Control (View Only) lets you see back-end data on users and classes, including statistics. You also have the option to let users with this permission reset passwords for other users.
  • Masquerade (View & Edit) lets you assume the identity of any user in a particular organization. The Masquerade permission lets you view and edit information as if you were the user you're impersonating. It's usually easiest to access this feature using the Navbar.
  • Shadow (View Only) lets you see what a particular user can see, but doesn't let you make changes for the user. You can give someone permission to Shadow a particular user, a particular class, or a particular organization. This feature is also easiest to access using the Navbar.

Other permissions relate to particular Applications for your domain.


  • ePortfolio (View or Manage) allows you to view or manage other users' ePortfolios. View is a read-only permission, while Manage lets you edit as well as view. Note that you can also change the default ePortfolio permissions for all users in an organization under the Applications tab.
  • ePortfolio Template lets you create and edit a template users can apply to their ePortfolios.
  • Badging gives you the ability to add, edit, and manage Badges for your domain. You can also set Badging permissions under the Applications tab.


If you're curious about how you might use these permissions at your school, just send a note to your School Advisor!

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