What Can I Do with the Masquerade Permission?

Q: How would I use or assign the Masquerade permission?


A: Users can now be granted permission to Masquerade as other users of a given organization. When you allow someone to Masquerade as a given user, you are giving read and write access to that user's account.


What's the practical application?


Masquerading can be a helpful tool for managing and troubleshooting accounts in an organization. You can grant users Masquerade permission for a specific Organization without having to give that user access to the whole domain.


Masquerading is also useful in a number of other situations.


  • You can assign Masquerade permissions to technical staff who do not necessarily need access to the Domain Control. They are then able to troubleshoot issues by Masquerading as the teacher or student, and see the site from their perspective.
  • If a Principal, content-creator, or other administrative staff member wants to be able to edit classroom content, they can Masquerade as teachers to edit and update classroom content.
  • Coupled with the Domain Control permission, the Masquerade permission can be quite useful for Support Staff or Principals to view data and then assist in correcting any issues as necessary for an organization.

How do I Masquerade through the NavBar?


When you are given a Masquerade permission you will see more people in your NavBar people search. You will be able to search for people to Masquerade as and choose the Masquerade option from the NavBar, under People.




Then you can select the person you would like to Masquerade as by selecting Masquerade:




When you are Masquerading you will see a pop-up in the left hand corner of your screen telling you that you are currently Masquerading. To stop Masquerading you can click the in the pop-up.




How can I set up Masquerade Permissions?


  1. Domain Administrators find the user through the Accounts tab of the Domain Control.
  2. Search for the user, then select their name to be taken to the User Info screen.
  3. Go to the Permissions tab.
  4. Select the Add Permission button.
  5. Choose Masquerade from the list of available Permissions.
  6. Select an Organization and/or Sub-organizations from the options available in your domain, and hit Assign Permission to save your changes.



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