What Can I Do with View Only Domain Control Access?

Q: What can I do with the view only Domain Control permission?


A: View only access to the Domain Control can now be granted to specific users through a Permissions setting. The view only Domain Control permission is a way for non-admin PowerSchool Learning users to view User, Class and Roster data through the domain control, without being able to edit the data.


What's the practical application?


The view only Domain Control permission allows users access to the Domain without having the ability to change anything. Use view only Domain Control for:


  • Gathering data for reporting (access to the statistics tool)
  • IT or Support Staff basic troubleshooting. Example: Support Staff would be able to look up a student who claims to not be enrolled in a class. The support staff would be able to look up the student, view the data, and report any problem to the Domain Admin as needed.

How can I set up Domain Permissions?


  1. Go to the Accounts tab of the Domain Control.
  2. Search for the user to which you'd like to assign permissions, then click on the user's name to be taken to the User Info screen.
  3. From the info screen, click on the Permissions subtab.
  4. Select the Add Permission button.
  5. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose which permission you would like to select. For the view only Domain Control, select Domain Control.
  6. Select Assign Permission to save your changes. 


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