Q: How can I import parents into my PowerSchool Learning domain via PowerSchool imports?


A: Parents can be imported into your PowerSchool Learning Domain if you're using PowerSchool SIS version 10.1+. In order to import parent accounts from PowerSchool SIS, you'll need to reach out to the Learning Support Team to set a default password for parents and to verify that your domain settings are set correctly to import parents.


    1. Notify our Learning Support team that you'd like to import Parent accounts from PowerSchool SIS by completing the Learning Support Contact Form. Please provide a default password you'd like to set for all new parent accounts. A member of our team will add the default password to your domain after verifying with an administrator from your school.

    2. Check to ensure that imported users can reset their own passwords and that imported passwords are temporary. This ensures that parents are able to change their password from the default, and that they will be prompted to do so upon initial login. You can check on these settings by clicking the Manage Domain gear, selecting Settings, navigating to the Users tab, and making sure that Allow imported users to reset their own password and Imported passwords are temporary are checked.


      While in Domain Settings, you can also verify that parents can view their students' classes and activity by navigating to the Classes tab and ensuring that Allow Parents in Rosters is checked. 


    3. Once you've received confirmation from our Learning Support team that the default password has been set for your domain and you've verified that your settings are correct for parent account imports, you can enable parent imports in your domain by selecting the Manage Domain gear, choosing PowerSchool Config and unchecking Ignore Parents from the SIS. Note that it is essential that you first connect with our Learning Support Team prior to unchecking Ignore Parents from SIS.


      Parent accounts from PowerSchool SIS will be brought over on your next import!

  1. You will need to notify parents how to log in to PowerSchool Learning, including informing parents that their login name will match their SIS login and letting parents know the default password.

    Some schools and districts choose to do this through a mail merge or physical letter home, while others choose to display login instructions and link to their domain in an HTML block on the parent's portal in PowerSchool SIS.

    Whatever method you choose to notify parents of their new Learning accounts, this How-To Class for Parents is a great resource to help parents get started with PowerSchool Learning.