Q: Will I be charged for automatic text messages from PowerSchool Learning? What if I am not in the US?

A: Whether or not your phone company charges you for text messages depends on your current phone plan. PowerSchool Learning does not charge users for automatic text messages.

As long as your current phone plan allows for free text messages in your current location, you will not incur any additional charges. Some phone plans that allow for free text messaging in one country charge for text messaging when users are traveling abroad. For more information about your current phone plan, please contact your mobile phone company.

PowerSchool Learning does not charge users for text messages.


Blocking PowerSchool Learning SMS Notifications

Here's how to block all PowerSchool Learning SMS notifications if you want to avoid texting charges:
1. At the top of any page, go to your User Picture to open the options menu there, and select Notifications.

2. Uncheck all Instant SMS updates.

3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.