Q: I'm almost at my storage limit! What should I do to make sure my Students and I can keep uploading content and files to my Class(es)?


A: Once you reach your storage limit, you'll be unable to upload anything new to your Classes until you free up some space. 


Videos are generally the biggest consumers of your storage space. A great first step that can have a big impact on your storage space is to go through your Classes and locate the places where you have videos that have been uploaded directly to PowerSchool Learning.


If you're low on storage space, we suggest removing these videos from PowerSchool Learning, and instead uploading them to a site like Youtube. You can then use the Youtube Content Block to add these videos to your Class. This lets you host your videos on Youtube, where storage is unlimited. The Youtube block in PowerSchool Learning simply links to this content to embed it in your Class. Linking in this way takes up much less storage space than uploading a video straight to PowerSchool Learning!


Images can also add up, if you have uploaded many pictures to your Class! You can use a similar strategy to Videos to reduce the amount of your Storage space that is consumed by images uploaded to the Class. PowerSchool Learning has a Flickr content Block which allows you to embed a Flickr stream into your Class Page. 


Flickr is a free image hosting service provided by Yahoo!. Upload your images to Flickr, and then embed them into PowerSchool Learning using the Flickr Content Block.


I've deleted a lot of content, but my storage quota isn't going down!


In order to allow you to restore deleted content in cases of accidental deletion, PowerSchool Learning has a 24-hour period during which all deleted content is in a soft-delete state. This allows you to restore something you've accidentally deleted, but also means that you won't see your storage quota update until 24 hours after you initially delete that content. So, if you're not seeing your storage quota update right away, just hang tight for 24 hours (or three days) and you should see that update!