How do Nicknames work in PowerSchool Learning?


Q. How do Nicknames work in PowerSchool Learning? Can I change the way my name displays in PowerSchool Learning, so that my first name doesn't display to my students?

A. In PowerSchool Learning, Nicknames are a replacement for your first name. If you would like your name to be Mr. Smith you can change your Nickname to "Mr." and your name will display as "Mr. Smith." Or, if your name is Alexandria, but you go by "Alex," you can enter Alex as your Nickname.

How do I change my Nickname?

Some schools restrict Students and Parents from editing Nicknames. Some schools import them for you. (If you see your name displaying incorrectly, please contact your school for assistance.)

However, if your school does allow you to edit your Nickname, here is how you can change how your first name displays:

1) Hover over or open your My Account menu (under your Avatar!), then choose My Information.


2) Under your name, you will see a space to enter a Nickname. Here you can enter the name that will replace your first name in classes, and throughout PowerSchool Learning. Below, Jane Smith will become "Mrs. Smith."


3) Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes!

Remember, Nicknames will need to be allowed in any classes you're in, in order for your nickname to display!

How do I allow students to use Nicknames in my class?

You can allow student and parent nicknames to appear in a class following this quick process:

1) Select Class Settings through the Manage Class drop-down menu.


2) Under the General tab, scroll down to the Settings area and check the box labeled Allow user nicknames.


3) Hit Save to keep your changes!

How do we restrict Nickname permissions at the Domain level?

Please note: Teachers and Administrators will always be able to adjust their Nickname manually.

Domain administrators can prevent Parents and Students from adjusting their Nickname through the Domain Settings area of the Manage Domain menu. To make this adjustment:

1) Select Domain Settings through the Manage Domain drop-down menu.

2) Navigate to the Users tab.

3) Uncheck the box that reads Allow parents and students to change their nickname.


4) Make sure to hit Save to keep your changes.

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