Q: What is the Assignment Annotator?


A: The Assignment Annotator is a feature that allows you to read and comment on attachments that have been handed in to the Assignments area of your class.


Please note: The Assignment Annotator is currently only available for School & District Edition accounts at this time. 


To use the Assignment Annotator, go to the Assignment area under the Activities tab.


What is Assignment Annotator 1.png


Inside the Assignment list, click on an assignment you wish to view.   




Within that assignment, you will see your students who have handed in their assignment.


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Click on the student whose assignment you wish to see. In this window you will be able to see what that particular student turned in. If an attachment such as a document, spreadsheet or PDF file was handed in with the assignment, you will see 'Open in' with a down arrow to the far right of the attachment. Click on the down arrow, which will bring up a menu displaying two options: Annotator and Download. Click on Annotator to use the annotator.




A new window will open up with the document ready to view and annotate right inside your class.


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