Q. As a Student, how do I view feedback on my work that my teacher has handed back through the Assignments area of the Activities tab.  Do I have to download the file?


A. You can view your teacher's handed-back notes for any Assignment by selecting the View Work button next to your originally-submitted file, or by downloading the notes to your computer.

Please note: The Assignment Annotator (powered by Moxtra), is only available to School & District Edition accounts of PowerSchool Learning at this time.


Using the View Work button


If your teacher has reviewed and handed back a document through the Assignment Annotator, a View Work option will be visible next to your originally submitted document.

  1. Find the Assignment on the Activities tab and choose View Work
    View_Work.pngNote: You may not see this button if your teacher is still reviewing your work or if they are annotating directly in Google or OneDrive.
  2. The View Work area will open a popup, where you will have the choice to View Live or to DownloadPowerSchool_Learning___Julius_Caesar___Dropbox.png
  3. Selecting View Live will open your containing your document in the Annotator, along with all of your teacher's notes, comments, highlights, and other annotations. Marked_up_annotation.png

Remember: Even after handing back your document, teachers can continue to add, edit, and remove annotations. The View Live option will always contain the current state of your document, and a new PDF snapshot of Teacher Notes is generated each time they hand your Assignment back.


Downloading Teacher Notes


If you'd like a point-in-time copy of your Teacher Notes, you can always download the PDF copy that is generated when your teacher hands back your document.


  1. Navigate to your Assignment through the Assignments area of the Activities tab.
  2. Find the message from your Teacher that contains a PDF labeled "Teacher Notes." Click on the name of the file, or select the Download button to download the file to your computer or device.PowerSchool_Learning___Julius_Caesar___Dropbox.png
  3. Use your favorite PDF reader to view the file.


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