Q: How can I review Students' Google Drive Assignment Hand-In Submissions in Google Drive?


A: If a Student hands in an Assignment using the "Attach from Google Drive" option, Teachers can easily open the Google Doc in Google Drive and review it there!


Please Note: this feature is only available for School Edition Domain users using the G Suite for Education integration.


When a Student hands in the Assignment by Attaching from Google Drive, Teachers will see the file when they View Work and see the Google Drive symbol. Teachers will have Edit access to the file in Google Drive.


Clicking on the file name will open the file in Google Drive, or you can find the option to open in Google Drive in the Open In menu as well.




This will allow you to make edits right in the Student's Google Doc. Consider using the "Suggest" mode in Google Docs for adding edits/comments, or making notes in a different font color so Students can easily differentiate between your text and theirs!




If you open the file in Google Drive, please note that it is the Student's live document--the Student is still able to make changes and edits after submitting. (Handy tip: Google Drive's Revision History feature can be useful here if you want to track whether Students have been making edits since handing in their document).


Other Options 

If you'd like to see the document as it was when it was handed-in, then you can download a PDF snapshot of it through PowerSchool Learning by choosing Download under the Open in menu. 


If you'd like to continue making your annotations in the Annotator (powered by Moxtra) you can definitely do so! Just use the Open In menu to select the Annotator option, and you can review and hand back files using the Annotator.