Q: I want to change the way I view my created Assignments and Student's handed-in work. How can I filter my Assignments?


A: You can filter Assignments in the Assignments area of the Activities tab, where you can click the dropdown arrows next to Show or Show by to filter by time, Student, or Assignment.


Go to the Assignment area under the Activities tab. To filter Assignments by time, select the Show dropdown arrow, where you can filter by All, Upcoming, or Past Assignments. To filter by Assignment or by Student, select the Show by dropdown.



 View By Assignment


If you click on Show By and select Assignment, you'll see a list of all the Assignments for your class, along with the Manage Assignment menu and some basic information about each Assignment.  


For Assignments in which students can submit work online, the View Work option will be present. Clicking View Work allows you to see which students have submitted that Assignment and to view and grade the students' submissions.


For Assignments in which Students cannot submit work online, the Grade option will show in the Assignment view. Selecting Grade allows you to see a list of the students associated with that Assignment and to enter grades for that assignment. 


PowerSchool_Learning___English_10___Assignments (1).png

 View By Student


If you click on Show By and select Student, you'll see a list of the students in your class, along with some basic information about the Assignments they have or haven't submitted.  




Clicking on an individual Student from the list allows you to see that Student's submission history and view and grade any of that Student's Assignments. Here, you can also filter by time by selecting Show and choosing you desired time frame.


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Select Back to Student List to return to the Show by Student view at any time.