What restrictions are in place for Usernames and Passwords in PowerSchool Learning's Importer?

 Q: What restrictions are in place for Usernames and Passwords in PowerSchool Learning's Importer?


A: Usernames and passwords used with standard PowerSchool Learning Authentication have specific restrictions for the type and number of characters allowed, as well as case sensitivity.





Special Characters

Must start with a letter or number and can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, dots or dashes (i.e. no spaces, @ signs or apostrophes).

No restrictions.


Minimum character limit of 3 and a maximum of 68 characters.

For imported passwords, maximum character limit of 100. For manually added accounts, minimum character limit of 6 and a maximum of 40 characters.

Case Sensitive



Can we use applicant’s email addresses as their usernames?
At this time, you cannot use an email address as the username for standard PowerSchool Learning Authentication because it contains the not-so-web-friendly @ character. Many of our schools use the email address with a period in place of the @ symbol, and that seems to be helpful!
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