What is Live Sync and how do I enable it for my domain?

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Q: What is Live Sync and how do I enable it for my PowerSchool Learning domain?


A: Live Sync is a feature available for schools using PowerSchool SIS version 11+. Live Sync supplements the standard automatic imports from PowerSchool SIS to Learning by allowing some kinds of high-impact changes to be processed every few minutes instead of once per day.

Live Sync focuses on changes related to account creation and class enrollment that affect the user’s ability to access pages in Learning. It can be enabled by checking the Live Sync box in the PowerSchool Config area of the Manage Domain dropdown. Note that Live Sync is subject to the same import scope settings as the nightly import.


Live Sync monitors a feed from PowerSchool SIS for certain kinds of changes. When Live Sync detects a change, then Live Sync updates the corresponding record in Learning. Most Live Sync updates should take place within a matter of minutes.


The following changes in the SIS will trigger a Live Sync update in Learning:


  • An account is added to a School in the SIS that is being synced with Learning.
  • An existing account is given a new email address.
  • An existing account is given a new grade level.
  • A class is added to a School in the SIS that is being synced with Learning.
  • A student or teacher is added to an existing class.
  • A child is added to an existing parent account.

Other changes will be processed via nightly import, unless the change is caught by Live Sync while updating a record in one of the scenarios above. This is because, when a Live Sync update is triggered, Live Sync will update the entire associated record in Learning, including updates for fields that do not independently trigger Live Sync.


Live Sync is always on for Unified Classroom customers.


For other Learning + PowerSchool SIS customers, Live Sync can be turned on by hitting the Manage Domain gear, and choosing PowerSchool Config.




From there, check the Enable Live Sync box and hit Save



That's all there is to it! You can expect that after your next daily import runs, Live Sync will be enabled for your domain.