What happens when I refresh my Export File, and why might I want to do this?

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Q: What happens when I refresh my Export File, and why might I want to do this?


A: Refreshing your export file takes a snapshot of the User, Class, and Roster data in your Haiku Learning domain.


To refresh your Export File, simply go to Domain Control > Manage Domain > Exports and click Refresh Export File - or Generate New Export, if you've never done this before.




From the same screen, you can click Download Export File to obtain a .zip file containing this data in CSV format.


Stuck Export?


If you refresh your export file and it takes a while (longer than ten minutes) to complete, simply revisit Domain Control > Manage Domain > Exports. This automatically triggers a reboot for the refresh process after 20 minutes. Usually, "stuck" Export Files will refresh successfully after they have been restarted.


Note that when an Export File is automatically unstuck and restarted, the screen continues to read "We are currently generating a new export file for your domain."


What Actually Exports?


The following files will export regardless of import type.  The files will contain imported-only data (or manually created users with a Google ID in the users.csv file).