What do I need to know if I am using the PowerSchool Grade Return?


Q: What do I need to know if I am using the PowerSchool Grade Return?


A: PowerSchool Grade Return is a really powerful tool that allows educators to enter grades for Students directly in their Classes in Learning, while also having those grades pass to your PowerSchool SIS instance.


There are some things that you'll want to be aware of when considering setting up or using this feature:


Setting Up your School/District


In order to use the PowerSchool Grade Return, make sure that your School/District has been setup to use the PowerSchool SIS integration. Once the integration has been setup, reach out to your School Advisor to request that this feature be enabled.


Note: If you're using both PowerSchool SIS and PowerSchool Learning, but haven't taken advantage of the integration, Please reach out to our support team through the Help menu in PowerSchool Learning know to get this started today!


Once the integration is in place, you'll want to turn confirm the feature is enabled for your domain. You can do this by navigating to Manage Domain (gear) > Grade Push Config.




After the feature is enabled, you will have the option to Enable or Disable it for each Organization on your Learning domain. 




This can be great when you are first experimenting with this feature, as you can have a testing organization configured to act as a pilot for the grade return until your team feel comfortable with the new processes!


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Preparing your Learning Class


Classes in PowerSchool Learning will be created automatically according to the information in PowerSchool SIS. Classes that have been created by this import process are different from manually created classes.


Specifically, these imported classes are connected to the records in PowerSchool SIS and your PowerTeacher Gradebooks. An imported class will remain connected to your PowerTeacher Gradebook even if the imported class is used as a Linked Roster Section for a Master Class.*


* A Master Class allows a teacher to create and manage content once for multiple sections of a class. Learn more here!


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Using the Grade Return


After your School/District's admin team has enabled the Grade Return, grades entered within your class will be automatically sent over to your PowerTeacher Gradebook. Newly created Gradebook Entries and Scores in your Learning Classes are sent over immediately!


If you have a connection to your PowerTeacher Gradebook open while entering grades into your Learning Class, make sure to refresh your PowerTeacher Gradebook to see updates!


Note: Changes to your Gradebook that are made within your PowerTeacher Gradebook will not be reflected in your Learning Class.


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  • Will Students & Parents be able to view their grades from their Learning Classes?
    At this time, Students & Parents will need to access their grades via the PowerSchool SIS Public Portal. When Students & Parents try to view grades in Learning, they will be directed to access the grades in PowerSchool SIS.

  • Is PowerTeacher Pro supported or just PowerTeacher?
    Teachers can have grades entered into their classes passed into either PowerTeacher or PowerTeacher Pro. Teachers will determine which gradebook they want to use in PowerSchool SIS and Learning will automatically pass the grades to the right gradebook!

  • I'm new to PowerSchool SIS, how can I setup PowerTeacher?
    Not a problem! Head over to our PowerTeacher Documentation to get started!
  • What sort of items are passed through the Grade Return? 

        Supported Not supported
       Name X  
      Standards Based Grades   X


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