What do I need to know if I am using the OneRoster Integration?

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 Q: What do I need to know if I am using the OneRoster Integration?


A: If you are considering, or are already set up with, the OneRoster Integration, it is important to review the following information. 


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About the OneRoster Integration


Basic Import:


  • Data Imports: Users, Classes and Rosters will automatically be imported from OneRoster into PowerSchool Learning.  
  • Import Frequency: Data imports are scheduled to take place three times a day, at 4:22 AM, 11:22 AM and 7:22 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • Parents: Currently not available.
  • Authentication: This is not available in the integration.

Important Considerations


Below are points to consider before getting started with the OneRoster integration.


When should I switch to the OneRoster integration?


  • We recommend that you transition to the OneRoster integration during Summer break. It is often difficult to map Class import_ids already in PowerSchool Learning to new IDs.  Switching over during the summer ensures that you can simply leave your old Classes as-is and bring in new Classes for the new school year via import.

What if I have existing user Accounts already in PowerSchool Learning?


  • If you have connected a Google Apps domain with PowerSchool Learning, please make sure that Google Apps email addresses in OneRoster are in the appropriate email field.  You can see which field this is per user type at the bottom of this article.
  • If you are not using Google Apps there will most likely be a need to map import_ids in your live domain to what is coming over from OneRoster.  Because Account import_ids in your live domain are different from those in OneRoster, without a mapping process, duplicate accounts would be created, and the current records deactivated/deleted.
  • Please note: This mapping process does not need to be completed if you are a Google Apps enabled domain and all of your imported users are using Google to sign-in to PowerSchool Learning.

How do I get started with the OneRoster integration?


  • It is easy to get started. Just drop a note to powerschoollearningsupport@hpowerschool.com. We can get you set up with the free Basic Import that automatically imports Users, Classes and Rosters from OneRoster into PowerSchool Learning. 

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Configuring OneRoster Integration


Table of Contents


PowerSchool Learning Domain Settings


  • First, you'll need to set up your OneRoster Config page.  To do so, navigate in your domain to Manage Domain OneRoster Config.  You will be setting up the following information:
    1. Credentials found under Configuration Settings
    2. Schools
    3. Year for Classes
    4. Default Passwords for user types that you wish will use PowerSchool Learning Authentication



  • If the Years for Classes box is grayed out, you will need to add an active school year by navigating to Manage Domain > School Years > Add New School Year.  All classes that are pulled from OneRoster will be based on the dates in the school year menu.
    • Note: In order to add years you will need to make sure first that the Allow Administrators to edit all imported data via the web box is checked - to do so, navigate to Manage Domain (gear) -> Settings, check the box, and click Save.
  • If you ever make changes in OneRoster (for example, adding a new School) and you don't see it in the OneRoster Config in PowerSchool Learning, click the Refresh Cached Values button in the bottom right.
  • Make sure the “Autogenerate usernames at time of import” option is turned on while using the OneRoster Integration (through the Manage Domain > Domain Settings > General tab). Checking this option will ensure that an imported user without a username or Google email address will not fail to be imported.  If the user fails and is the owner of a class, roster and class creation will also fail. This setting acts as a failsafe for users who do not have a username stored in OneRoster.

  • Passwords are not passed via the OneRoster Integration.  PowerSchool Learning can set default passwords for you.  Be sure to check the option reads: "Imported passwords are temporary" prior to running an import if you would like imported passwords to be temporary.  This option can be adjusted through the Manage Domain > Settings > Users area.



If you are running into issues with the OneRoster integration, here are some steps to try:

  • If imports are not coming over, check the Configuration Settings (host, root url, client id and secret) to ensure everything is accurate. Ensure that you also have schools selected to import.
  • If you need help getting credentials, please contact your OneRoster provider.


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User Mappings 


We will bring over any Student or Teacher with a Status of Active.


PowerSchool Learning Values OneRoster
user_id Users -> sourcedId
first_name Users -> givenName
last_name Users -> familyName
login Users -> username
email Users -> email
user_type "S"/"T"
organization_id Users -> sourcedId of the first org
blocked "0" 
sso_id email if email matches google apps domain 



Users Custom


PowerSchool Learning Values OneRoster
user_id Users -> sourcedId
field1 Users -> userId
field2 ''
field3 ''



Organizational Mappings


PowerSchool Learning Values OneRoster
class_id Org -> sourcedId
name Org -> Name



Class Mappings


We will bring over any Class with a Status of Active in OneRoster.


PowerSchool Learning Values OneRoster
class_id Classes -> sourcedId
name Classes -> title
code Classes -> classCode
year Taken from the OneRoster config UI
teacher_id Enrollments -> user -> sourcedId where primary = 'true'
organization_id Classes -> school -> sourcedId



Classes Custom


PowerSchool Learning Values OneRoster
user_id Classes -> sourcedId
field1 Classes -> grade
field2 ''
field3 ''





PowerSchool Learning Values OneRoster
class_id Enrollments -> class -> sourcedId
user_id Enrollments -> user -> sourcedId
role "T" or "S"


Table of Contents

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