How will adding new Terms in my PowerSchool Learning Blackbaud Configuration impact my current classes?

 Q: How will adding new Terms in my PowerSchool Learning Blackbaud Configuration impact my current classes?


A: You can add Terms when you are ready to bring over new classes and rosters. In general, keeping past terms or prematurely adding upcoming terms will not be an issue. However, there are some special scenarios to consider.


Key Terms:

  • ea7_class_id: the unique ID for each class in Education Edge. This is a different ID per term.
  • import_id (class_id): the unique ID in PowerSchool Learning that is generated by combining the following information from Education Edge: (year -> ea7_academic_year_id + "-" + course -> course_id + "-" + course -> section)
  • School : Year : Session : Term (also referred to as Scope): This is the information on the school, year, session, and term that is in Education Edge. Domain Administrators can select the appropriate term to include in each import, under Manage Domain > Blackbaud Config > Import Scopes > School : Year : Session : Term.

Each class coming over from Education Edge has its own unique number per term, called an ea7_class_id. So if you have a class that is taught over four consecutive terms there are technically four different ea7_class_ids for the same class. Instead of bringing over four separate classes when in actuality they are the same class our solution is to merge them by giving them the following import_id (class_id) by combining (year -> ea7_academic_year_id + "-" + course -> course_id + "-" + course -> section).


This solution will work for the majority of classes, but there are some where the content, teacher or roster are different from term to term. In this case it is best if you create a different section for each class in Education Edge so that PowerSchool Learning will generate a different import_id (class_id) for each of them.


Do any of the following scenarios occur in your environment?


  • Scenario 1: A class that is the same both terms, but the primary teacher is different: This would result in the current teacher no longer being the primary teacher or owner of the class. This will update links throughout the class (the url of the class includes the username of the primary teacher), and access for the primary teacher.
    • Our recommendation: Ensure the primary teacher is included as a co-teacher of the class, or include the previous term in your Scope.
    • The previous primary teacher can follow the instructions for closing out the old class at term.
    • Please note: If you keep things as they are, be aware that links will change. The current teacher will lose access to the class and the new teacher will take over. If this is the case, you can manually add the old teacher as a co-teacher, if you want them to continue to have access.
  • Scenario 2: A class that exists in more than one term, but has different rosters (different students on the roster): Importing both terms will cause the second roster to be added and the first to remain. Content will not be changed, but the roster will not be accurate since it will contain students from both terms.
    • Our recommendation: Give the classes different section or course ids in Education Edge so that a new class is created in PowerSchool Learning. Before you import the new term, we would recommend that you change the section of the class within Education Edge, which will change the class_id (import_id), making it a distinct and separate class in PowerSchool Learning.
    • To reuse the class content with the newly imported roster, please see our resources for copying the original class content and merging it with the new roster.
    • If teachers are using a master class with linked roster sections, they can unlink the old roster from their current class and link in the new roster.
    • Please note: If you don’t make the change in Education Edge, teachers will see a roster with students with both terms. They will need to manually remove old students to give them removed/hidden status.
  • Scenario 3: A class that exists in both terms, but has new/different content: Similar to the above scenario, the classes will be combined into a single class, so students continue to access the past content.
    • Our recommendation: same as above in Scenario 2.
    • Teachers can teach the new content to students in the new class.
    • Please note: If you keep things as they are, students will continue to access the old content.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your School Advisor. Just getting started with Blackbaud? Be sure to check out what you need to know about the Blackbaud Integration.

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