How often do automated imports from Clever to PowerSchool Learning run?

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Q: How often do my domain's records get imported into PowerSchool Learning when I'm using Clever?


A: Clever automated imports are brought into PowerSchool Learning five (5) times a day. Here are the times of the day that the imports are run:


  • 3:15am EST   (1:15am PST)
  • 7:15am EST   (5:15am PST)
  • 12:15pm EST (9:15am PST)
  • 4:15pm EST   (1:15pm PST)
  • 7:15pm EST   (4:15pm PST)


Since your data is being imported so often, it's a great idea to make sure that you've configured your domain's import settings appropriately to allow imports with small changes on your domain to be automatically approved.


Haven't configured your automatic import settings yet? Head over to this Knowledgebase article to get started!