How do I view the results of an import after it has run in the Importer?

 Q: I've just run an import using the Importer. How do I view the results?


A: Domain Administrators can view the results of each import by navigating to Manage Domain > Imports. This will display a list of all previously run imports, sorted by date. To view the results of a specific import, select the desired date hyperlink.



You will then see a screen with the following information:


Import Result tab



Within the Import Result tab, Administrators can reference the outcome of a particular import, which includes the following information:


Updated - new data has successfully been added to the domain, or existing data has remained in PowerSchool Learning and has been successfully edited.

Deleted - data has been removed from the domain.


Note: In the case of User Files, "Deleted" may also mean "Deactivated."

    • Accounts that are active at the time an import file, from which the account was removed, is run will be deactivated.
    • Accounts that are inactive at the time an import file, from which the account was removed, is run will be deleted.

Failed - an attempt to update/add or deactivate/delete data was not successful.


Pre-import Summary tab



Within the Pre-Import Summary tab, Administrators can drill down and reference the details of the effected items listed within the Import Result tab. This includes the ability to review the warnings of impending changes presented at the time the import was initially run, and the details of changes that occurred to each data type.


For more information about the details contained in the Pre-import Summary, please see this article.