How do I review my data prior to running an import in the Importer?

Q: How do I review my data prior to running an import when using the Importer?


A: The PowerSchool Learning Importer checks your data for errors before importing it. You can review the results of this pre-check import prior to running the import (before affecting your live data) from the Manage Domain > Imports area.



1. On the main imports screen (Manage Domain > Imports), you can view a list of up to 100 Recent Imports (Submitted imports do not count towards the cap of 100). Please note that imports submitted over one year ago are removed from the Recent Imports view. The first two columns contain the date and time the file was uploaded as well as which Administrator submitted the file.


Note: The time displayed is based on the user's computer time zone.





2. The next column is the Status column. Imports can be one of the following statuses:

    • Import success - your import successfully ran! Click on the Date/Time for the particular import to see details of what was changed
    • Pending approval - you have submitted an import and need to review and either Approve or Cancel it
    • Validation failed - there is a blocking error that is preventing the import from running. For example, if you are attempting a Full Import and left out a required file, such as the users.csv file, you would receive this status
    • Cancelled - an Admin aborted the import
    • Skipped - there are no updates from the previous import
    • Submitted - you have Submitted an import file, but it has not yet been validated
    • *Pulling data started - your data is being pulled from your SIS via automated integration
    • *Pulling data failed - we tried to pull data from your SIS via automated integration but it failed - please reach out to our support team through the Help menu in PowerSchool Learning with questions

3. The final column is the Notes column in which information about the import can be seen.

4. To see specifics (i.e. the warnings), simply click on the Date/Time of the import on the left-hand side.



5. Next, take a look at Pre-import Summary by clicking Review or the date hyperlink next to the import in question.


General information


Starting at the top, you can see the Import Type and version you are using based on the file(s) you uploaded. You can also see how long the validation of your files took. You'll see the date and time of the upload, and which Administrator uploaded the file.


If your data has any issues, you may see warnings. To review them prior to import, click on the Review X warnings link in blue.


Approve the Import


Once you have decided that the import should run, click the Approve button in the yellow call-out box. Then, click OK in the pop-up window. You will be able to see the status of the import on that same screen.


Cancel Import


If, after reviewing any potential warnings and what information will be changed, you do not wish to run the import, simply click Cancel Import in the yellow call-out box. Then, click OK in the pop-up window. You will then see the Cancelled status next to the import on the overview page.

What files will show up on the Pre-Import Summary page?


Only the files you are importing will appear on the Import Detail page. For example, if you only import users.csv, classes.csv, and roster.csv, you will only see those three rows.


What counts as New, Updated, and Deleted?

  • New records are records that did not exist in your domain prior to you uploading the import file.
  • Updated records are records that have matching import_id's and will be updated by the import.
  • Deleted records are records that have import_id's and are in your domain but not your import file (Full Import), or in one of your delete_**.csv files (Partial Import).


Hyperlinked Statistics


For each file, there may be data that is being Added (New), Updated, or Deleted. You can see this data in the appropriate column on the Import Detail page. Each data point (number) can be clicked on for more details. For example, if 2 users are going to be added, clicking on the 2 will bring you to a page where you can view those 2 users.


Note: Deleted may also mean Deactivated. An account will be deleted (removed from PowerSchool Learning) if it is Inactive, however, an Active account will only be deactivated.


Percent Change


The percentage of data updated by the import.


Import File


In the top right of the Import Detail page, you can click Import File to download a copy of the file(s) you uploaded.


Log File


If you prefer see CSV files of the what will be changed if the import is Approved, you can click the Log File button in the top right of the Pre-Import Summary page.


How to Get Started


Please click here to view an article on how to get started with the importer.


* Automated SIS integrations only

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