How do I modify my Import Settings?

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Q: How do I modify my Import Settings?


A: The Importer has a few tweaks and settings that can be used to change how administrators are notified and interact with Imports on your domain. You can adjust these settings under the Importstab of the Manage Domain menu, through the Settings area.


Adjusting your Import Settings


  1. Navigate to the Imports area of the Manage Domain menu 
  2. Choose Settings

  3. Enter one or more email addresses, separated by commas, under the Import Notificationsarea. Domain Administrators can request to be notified of all imports or simply run an import, and be notified of its completion status.
  4. Set the approval setting, if necessary. This option only applies if you are using Automatic Imports (plug and play, SFTP, Clever, etc.). *See below for additional options available to schools using Automatic Imports.
  5. Hit Save to keep your changes.

The Importer allows you to review your files and Approve or Cancel any import prior to running it.


* For Automatic Imports, you can also choose one of the following options:


  • Always require admin to review and approve import: all automated imports will need to be approved each time they run.
  • Require approval if either threshold is exceeded: imports will only require approval if one of the thresholds indicated is exceeded.
    • Require admin approval if import will change more than X% of any one file: This threshold compares your data import to the information in your domain. For example, if you want to be required to approve an import if it will change 20% or more of any one file (i.e. Users), simply enter 20 into the first box.
    • Require admin approval if import has more than X% warnings: This threshold monitors the percentage of line-item warnings within your import files. Warnings themselves will not stop your import from running, but you can set a threshold for approval. For example, if you set this to 20%, and average one warning per five rows in your import files, the importer will ask you to approve the import prior to continuing.