How can I add Grade Levels to my Organization?

Q: How can I add Grade Levels to my organization?


A: Grade levels can be defined two different ways: by import, or manually through the Domain Control menu.


Adding Grade Levels Via Import


The first way to add grade levels to your domain is through the import process. There is an optional import file set-up just for adding grade levels: users_levels.csv. The file has only two fields: user_id and level_id, by which you can associate any or all users with one (or more) grade levels. There is no limit to the number of grade levels your domain or any person within the domain can have.


You can find our CSV Import Specifications by following one of these links: Full Import, Partial Import, Full Import version 2, or Partial Import version 2.


For version 1, you can download a sample import file here. For version 2, you can download a sample import file, including users_levels.csv here: Full or Partial.


Adding Grade Levels Manually


Grade levels can be added manually through the Domain Control by going to Manage Domain (the cogwheel to the right), and selecting Grade Levels. From this menu, you can adjust the name or Import ID of current grade levels by selecting the edit button.


To add a new grade level, just select Add Grade Level, then set a name for the grade level. From here, you can also select an Import ID, if you’d like. Then, you can define the grade level of multiple users simultaneously through an Import of the users_levels.csv file as explained in Adding Grade Levels via Import above.



If you do not define users grade levels through Import, and you want to assign them, you can do so by going to Manage Account and selecting Edit. If the user has a Grade Level assigned, it will appear next to Grade Levels. Just select “Add a Grade Level” to define a new grade level.




*Note: If you are looking to populate a Role Based Roster class via Grade Level, remember that Parent accounts are automatically enrolled based upon the Grade Levels of their children. Parents do not need to have Grade Levels explicitly associated with their accounts.

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