What's the difference between the Subtotal and the Published Subtotal in the Gradebook?


Q: What's the difference between the Subtotal and the Published Subtotal in the Gradebook?


A: In the Traditional Haiku Learning Gradebook, you have two subtotal columns, the Subtotal and the Published Subtotal


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The Subtotal is the running tally of all assignments that have been graded in the Gradebook so far, whether these scores are visible to students or not. This subtotal is only visible to teachers. 


The Published Subtotal is the running subtotal of all published Gradebook Entries.


Published Gradebook Entries are entries that have been made visible to students (and parents, if allowed). 


The Published Subtotal represents the subtotal of these published entries that are visible to the student (or parent). The teacher can opt to publish this subtotal to students or not. (If the Published Subtotal is unpublished, students will not see an overall grade.)


If the Published Subtotal has been made visible by the teacher, the subtotal that students and parents see will only show the grade calculated from the scores published by the teacher. 


Because the Subtotal includes published and unpublished grades, the Subtotal may very well be different from the Published Subtotal. (Only if you have published all grades in your Gradebookwill your Subtotal and Published Subtotals will be the same.)


Calculation Note: Gradebook entries with blanks are ignored, even if published.


Only Gradebook entries containing a value will count toward a student's score.