Q: What Happens to my Gradebook Entries and Comments when I Add, Remove, or Switch to another Class Schedule in my Class?

A: When you add, remove or switch the Class Schedule associated with your course, this will affect how all of your existing Gradebook Entries are organized. Because items are re-organized, adding, removing or switching your class schedule means that you could be affecting Student Grades. Please read this article carefully before proceeding. 

Adding or Switching to a New Schedule

When you add or switch to a new Schedule in your Class, your Gradebook Entries are migrated to the new schedule. This means that:

  • Each Gradebook Entry will be moved to the new Schedule's Grading Periods based on their due dates.  
  • All current Term and Grading Period Subtotal Information, including Overriden Scores, Comments and Notes to Self will be deleted.
  • Subtotal Scores will be recalculated based on the new Grading Periods

Removing a Class Schedule

When you Remove a Class Schedule, you are removing all Grading Periods and Terms, and your class will have no Schedule. This means that again, 

  • All current Term and Grading Period Subtotal Information, including Overridden Scores, Comments and Notes to Self will be deleted.
  • All Gradebook Entries will be averaged together in the Gradebook under a single Subtotal Score. Subtotal Scores which will be recalculated when the schedule is deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when there is not a due date for a Gradebook Entry?

If there is no due date, the gradebook entry will be reassigned to the current grading period.

What if the Gradebook Entry's due date is outside the date range of my new schedule?

In that case, the Gradebook Entry will be assigned to the Grading Period closest to its due date.

What if I want to keep a backup of my scores before I change my Class Schedule?

It may be helpful to export your Gradebook prior to switching your class schedule. You can export your Gradebook (including Comments) through the Reports area of the Grades tab.  Just select Gradebook Export to generate a spreadsheet-friendly CSV file containing all scores and comments.