How does PowerSchool Learning send grades to PowerTeacher?


 How does PowerSchool Learning send grades to PowerTeacher?



PowerSchool Learning sends grades to PowerTeacher whenever they are entered in your Learning class. Scores are automatically sent over immediately after being entered for any activity or when a score is automatically generated (i.e Assessments).

Note: This article covers topics that are only available for School/Districts that have their PowerSchool SIS & Learning modules integrated with grade return enabled. If you don't see the options described below, please reach out to your School/District's admin team via Help > Contact my Organization. 


What information is sent to PowerTeacher?

  • Scores
  • Max Points
  • Titles & Descriptions
  • Due Dates
  • Rubric Scores

These items will also be updated in PowerTeacher as they are updated in PowerSchool Learning.  


Are these items published in PowerTeacher?

  • Yes! Assignments sent to PTP are set to Publish Assignment Immediately and Publish Scores is enabled. If you do not wish to publish the Assignment or its scores, you should disable these in PowerTeacher Pro after creating the Assignment.

Can Rubrics work with PowerTeacher?

  • Teachers can use both Qualitative & Quantitative Rubrics for activities in Learning classes. Teachers can use Quantitative Rubrics to generate scores that will return to PowerTeacher.
  • Students and Parents will be able to view published Rubrics in Learning by viewing a specific Assignment's details.
  • All rubrics are not accessible directly via PowerTeacher.

The Grade Sync in Master Classes

If you're using the Master Class set up described in this article, the following pertains to the grade sync:

  • The Master Class Sections need to be properly linked to their SIS counterparts, recognizable by the linked chain symbol next to the Student names in Manage Class > Edit Roster. Also, if a Student is manually overridden (denoted by a lock symbol next to the name in Manage Class > Edit Roster), grades will not push over for this Student.
  • The Lead Teacher of all SIS Sections linked to the Master Class in Learning needs to be the same, and this Lead Teacher also needs to be the class owner of the Learning Master Class.
  • The Grade Sync will not work if you link more than one SIS Section to the same Learning Section. The linkage needs to be one (or zero) SIS section per Master Class Section.

What information isn't sent to PowerTeacher?

  • Categories*
  • Comments
  • Notes
  • Special Score Notations
  • Rubrics
  • Extra Points / Extra Credit

* All Gradebook Entries from PowerSchool Learning are by default pushed to the Category Classwork in PowerTeacher Pro, or the Category TEST in the old PowerTeacher Gradebook. If no such Category exists, the first Category in alphabetical order will be picked.

What might prevent my Assignments or Grades from pushing to PowerTeacher?

  • Grades exceeding the maximum score for the Assignment
  • Assignments outside of the Grading Term
  • Non-Unique Assignments
  • A Gradebook Entry pushing to an inactive Category in PowerTeacher
  • A Gradebook Entry pushing to a Category not controlled by the lead Teacher in PowerTeacher.
  • An Assessment created without a Due Date
  • More than one SIS Section linked to the same Learning Master Class Section
  • Different Lead Teachers for the SIS Sections linked to a Learning Master Class
  • The Lead Teacher for the SIS Sections not being the class owner of the Learning Master Class
  • The Activity description has been copy/pasted from a third party and brought with it non-standard formatting - in this case, please strip any formatting from the text by running the description through Notepad or similar software before pasting it into the description.

Please note: PowerTeacher currently limits the Title field for all Gradebook Entries to 50 characters or less. Titles in Learning longer than this limit will be truncated before being sent to PowerTeacher. PowerTeacher also limits the Gradebook Entry description to 4000 characters or less. Descriptions in Learning longer than this limit will be truncated before being sent to PowerTeacher.


Also note, that if you are using Unified Classroom, Gradebook Entry titles up to 100 characters or less will push through to the Unified Classroom Activity list, however, any Activity title in PowerSchool Learning above 100 characters in length, will not push through to the Unified Classroom Activity list, and will need to be shortened to 100 characters or less in order to show up in Unified Classroom Activity list.


You can see if grades have been successfully sent to PowerTeacher by navigating to Grades > Gradebooks in your Learning class. If you see any additional symbols in the cell, like 1.png or 2.png you may need to click on the Resend button Sync.png at the top of the Gradebook Entry. If there are any persisting problems with sending the grades to PowerTeacher, a small badge will appear on the top right corner of the Grades tab, with a number indicating how many faults there were in the gradepush. 




In this case, please reach out to your School/District's admin team.