Q: How do I view Category Subtotals in the Gradebook?

 A: You can view the current Category Subtotal for individual students' published grades by selecting their name in your Gradebook, opening their Grade Summary area.

 Viewing Category Subtotals

1. Open your Traditional Gradebook through the Gradebooks area of the Grades tab. 

2. Click on a student’s name.


3. The Grade Summary window will open.

4. If you have set up Categories in your Gradebook, you will see the student's Published grades organized by Category within each Grading Period.

5. A subtotal of all published grades will display for each Category on the right-hand side of the Grade Summary, under the Percent column.  If you have weighted your Gradebook Categories, the percentage weight will appear next to the name of the Category on the left-hand side of the window (as in Essay (25%) shown below).  



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