How do I sort Gradebook Entries in my Gradebook?


 As a teacher, how do I sort Gradebook Entries in my Gradebook?



In the Sorting menu, you have a number of options for organizing and arranging Gradebook entries. You can choose to arrange entries within their Categories, or to ignore Categories in sorting.



Custom Order

If you'd like to choose a Custom ordering for your entries, choose Custom from the Sorting drop down. Then, you can select the Set Custom Order button to re-arrange entries manually.


The Custom Order area lets you arrange items within categories, or through the entire class, depending on which setting you chose. Drag and drop items here to change the order they display in the Gradebook view.



Default Sorting

You can also select what the default sorting option is for your Gradebook. In the Sorting drop down, the option that is in bold is what is set by default, the option marked with a green check mark is the one that is currently selected.


To change the default sorting, go to Manage Gradebook, then Gradebook Settings, and select an option under Gradebook Entry Sorting.