How do I set up and use the PowerTeacher grade return for my class?


 How do I set up and use the PowerTeacher grade return for my Learning class?



Setting up your class to return grades to PowerTeacher is easy, just select Also Save in PowerTeacher for new or existing gradable items in your class.  

Note: This article covers topics that are only available for School/Districts that have their PowerSchool SIS & Learning modules integrated with grade return enabled. Visit this article to learn more about this integration for PowerSchool SIS v10.1+ and here for v8.2-10.0.x.  


Set up your Learning class

When classes are created via the PowerSchool SIS integration, they are automatically be setup to return grades to PowerTeacher. Grades are also able to return to PowerTeacher using Linked Roster classes.

You can confirm that your class is properly configured by navigating to Grade > Gradebooks to see your PowerTeacher Logs!


If you have not yet added any gradable items, PowerSchool Learning gives you a quick message to let you know: 

When creating or editing any gradable items like Assignments, Discussions, WikiProjects or Assessments, use the Also save in PowerTeacher option under the Display Settings area to add this item to PowerTeacher.


These items (and all associated scores) will automatically display in your PowerTeacher Logs in your Learning class, as well in PowerTeacher itself.

Quick note: If you already have an existing Learning Gradebook in your class, check out this articleto see how to transition Gradebook items to PowerTeacher! 


Status Indicators

New Assignments automatically push from your Learning class to PowerTeacher immediately. However, when looking at your PowerTeacher Logs, you may see some symbols next to scores for activities to let you know that the score hasn't been sent over successfully yet.

Just in case, be sure to review the Status Indicators in your PowerTeacher Logs periodically. 

  • Pending Pending.jpgindicates that this item is being transferred to PowerSchool SIS.
  • Failed Failed.jpg indicates that an error has occurred during the sync process.  
  • Refresh redo.jpgallows you to try sending the scores again. 

Hover over the red exclamation point icon or click on the name of an assignment in your Logs to see additional sync details.


If you retrying doesn't fix the trouble, please reach out to your school administrator. They can review logs of scores sent and errors received through the Domain Control area.