Q: How do I invite students to join my class?

A: Students can be invited to join a class in two different ways: Student Specific Invitation & Open Invitation. PowerSchool Learning also has a few built-in tools that you can use to communicate with students that haven't created their accounts (or accessed your class)!


Student Specific Invitations

Student Specific Invitations allow you to add a student to your class, even though the student doesn't have an account on your School or District's domain. It's a good idea to check that the student doesn't already have an account on the domain. If they do, you can add them to your class following the steps here

Once you've confirmed that the student doesn't have an account, you can invite them to join your class with an Invitation. PowerSchool Learning will create a unique 5-digit Invitation Code for each student that they can use when visiting the Class Invitation URL.

Quick Note: Class Invitation URLs are unique to each class, so make sure that right URL is being used!


Here's how to invite a specific student:

  1. Navigate to the Class
  2. Choose Manage Class > Edit Roster
  3. Click +Add Student
  4. Scroll to the bottom and choose + Add external student
  5. Fill out the fields for the student
  6. Select Save and you're on your way!


When you have invited a student to join your class, but they haven't set up their account yet, you'll see the student listed on the roster, but with (unconfirmed) after their name. Even if the person may look like they're on the roster, they haven't joined the class. 



Open Invitations

When you want to let students self-enroll in your class, you may want to consider using an Open Invitation. Using an Open Invitation creates a single 6-digit Invitation Code for each roster section of the class and uses a Class Invitation URL.

Note: All people will use the same 6-digit Invitation Code to create their own separate accounts.

Open Invitations are great for classes that don't have a traditional start and end date. Students can self-enroll in the class if they are interested in the content, letting them initiate the learning process.

Here's how to set up an Open Invitation:

  1. Navigate to the Class
  2. Choose Manage Class > Edit Roster
  3. Select Manage Roster > Create Open Invitation
  4. Specify the date when the Open invitation ends
  5. Click Create Open Invitation to get started!

Make sure to share the Open Invitation Code & URL with anyone that might be interested in joining the class!



Communicating with Your Future Students

Once you've gotten invitations configured for your class, you'll want to share the information with your soon-to-be students. Depending on the type of invitations that you've set up, you'll have some slightly different options.


Email while creating specific invitations

You can have an email sent to the email address added to an invitation by checking the Send email invitation now checkbox.



Email all invitations

Should you ever find yourself with a handful of potential students that are still showing up as (unconfirmed) on your roster, resend the invitations at once! You can find this at the top of the Manage Class > Edit Roster menu.


Invitation Handouts (paper)

Sometimes using a physical handout is the best (or only) option for sharing invitations. If you find yourself in this situation, rest easy, as you can create a single pdf file of all the invitations! Select “Print all student and parent invitations.”

You will be given the option to create an invitation for All Students or for Only Unconfirmed Students for your printing convenience!

Pro-Tip: If some of your students have accepted your invitation, and some have not, you can select Only Unconfirmed Students to send another invitation email for those students who have not yet logged into PowerSchool Learning.


 Sharing Open Invitations

Now you should have a new information box at the top of your roster. Click "[show codes]" to reveal your unique class codes plus the Email and Print options.

If you select "Email invitation," you will be given the option to enter the email addresses of anyone you would like to invite to the class.


For more information on accepting an invitation, including setting up a PowerSchool Learning account for the first time, check out our article How do I accept a class Invitation as a Parent?