Q. I would like to be able to track attendance in my class - is there an easy way to do that?

A. PowerSchool Learning has a simple way for teachers to track class attendance. In order to keep track of attendance inside your class, you must first create an Attendance Book. (You may create more than one per class, if you wish!) To create an Attendance Book, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Attendance area of the Grades tab, then select Add Attendance Book

  2. Next you will be able to name your Attendance Book and set Attendance Notations. (The notation set is the set of letters/abbreviations you use to record whether a student is present, tardy, absent, etc). In this window, you also have the option of making Saturdays and Sundays visible, and of making students' attendance records visible to students, if desired. 2016-09-23_14_28_48-000172.jpg
  3. Click Save to create your Attendance Book

Once created, you can always modify the above settings by clicking the Edit button to the far right of the Attendance Book and selecting Attendance Book Settings from the drop-down menu.
*Hint: If you do not have a roster, students will not show up in your Attendance Book. To create a Roster, see Roster under the Manage Class menu.