How can I weight Assignments in the Traditional Gradebook?


Q: How can I weight Assignments or Categories in the traditional Gradebook

A: You can weight Gradebook Entries by Category, or weight each entry individually.

Weighting Gradebook Entries by Category

Weighting your Gradebook with Categories can be done when when setting it up for the first time, or after it's already been created.

1. To set up an existing Gradebook with Category weighting, go to your Gradebook, select Manage Gradebook > Gradebook Settings. Check "Use Gradebook Categories."


2. Once you've saved this, go to Manage Gradebook > Manage Categories.


3. Select "Use category weighting." From here, you can set up as many categories as you want and assign them weights.


4.  When creating or editing a Gradebook entry or Assignment, you can choose what Category it is placed in:



Weighting individual Gradebook Entries

1. You can add a weight to a specific assignment by clicking on the Manage Assignment dropdown and selecting the Adjust Weight option. 


2. Now select the weight you would like for that individual assignment.