Q: How can I view class-wide Grade Statistics for my AssignmentsAssessments and other Gradebook Entries

A: View Grade Statistics for any entry in your traditional Gradebook by selecting the ... icon and choosing Statistics.  A small window will appear displaying Grade Statistics such as the MeanMedian and Min/Max scores (and more!) for your class or currently filtered Roster Section.  

Accessing the Grade Statistics Menu

1. Navigate to the Gradebooks area of your Grades tab, then select your Traditional Gradebook.  

2. Choose the ... icon for a particular Gradebook Entry.


3. Click on Statistics to see how students have performed on that Gradebook Entry.



Grade Statistics, Explained!  

Along with the name, total points and due date of the Gradebook Entry, the Grade Statistics area displays several aggregate stats to help you analyze grade data for a specific Gradebook Entry

  • Mean: the average score for your set of data, defined as the sum of all scores divided by the total number of scores
  • Median: the "middle number" as determined by a list of all scores in your set of grades
  • Std. Dev: the standard deviation, or a calculation of the average variation between the median score and the highest and lowest scores
  • Min: the lowest score awarded 
  • Max: the highest score awarded

The bar chart displayed indicates the Number of Students per Percent Score.  You can also filter by Grade Notation using the Show by: menu in the upper right-hand corner. 


All of the same statistics will display, but you can view a breakdown based on the Grade Notation set you have defined within your class.