How can I give an assignment a weight of zero in the Gradebook?


Q: How can I give an assignment a weight of zero percent in the Gradebook?

A: You can assign any gradable AssignmentAssessment or other item with a Gradebook Entry a weight of zero percent by adjusting the Weight listed under the Manage Assignment menu, within your traditional Gradebook. 

Creating a weight of zero percent is a great way to track student progress without a grade consequence.  Many teachers use a zero-percent weight for pretests, practice assignments, placement scores and more!

Assigning a Weight of Zero Percent

1. Create any Assignment, Assessment, WikiProject, etc. that includes a Gradebook Entry. 


2. Navigate to your Gradebook through the Grades tab within your class, and open the Manage Assignment menu by clicking on the down-arrow button at the top of your Gradebook Entry.  

3. Select Adjust Weight.


3. Enter a weight of 0 for the Assignment and hit Save to keep your changes.  This Assignment will no longer factor in the Subtotal or Published Subtotal score for any students in the class. 



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