Duplicate Assignment sent to Powerschool PTP


Teachers may notice the appearance of duplicate assignments in PTP that were created in Learning.


This article will include the recommended way of dealing with the assignments.



This is a known issue regarding learning assignments when edits are made to the assignment in learning/class pages after the initial creation.

This issue is currently on our backlog and the only option for the teacher is to unpublish the assignment in the scoresheet and exclude the assignment from grading.

Below are some of the options we recommended:

First, we recommend setting its publishing to "Never" in the Publish tab, which effectively hides it from students

Then, uncheck the box "Count in Final Grade" in the first tab, which makes sure that it won't affect any students' grades.

Another step you could take would be to create a new category, name it "Deleted" or something similar, and assign these extraneous assignments to this category to keep them organized.
From a Support standpoint, we have documented the request and it in our Product Backlog for future consideration.