Q. Can PowerSchool Learning support International Baccalaureate (IB) grading?

A. Yes! Though how you do this will depend on which International Baccalaureate programmes you have at your school and how your school records and reports marks for the IB programmes.

It's possible to set up IB-style grading in either the traditional Gradebook or with Standards-Based Grading in PowerSchool Learning. How you do this depends on how your school fits the IB's flexible, holistic assessment practices into your regular assessment and reporting processes.

In general, the Diploma Programme is probably the easiest to set up in either Gradebook. In the Traditional Gradebook, you can set up an IB DP grading scale using Grade Notations. While your school may set the percentages for the scale differently, the end result would probably look something like the sample below.


You can set these notations on a per-Organization basis:

  1. go to Domain Control 

  2. select Organizations

  3. open the Organization you want to edit

  4. go to the Grade Notations tab

Note that, to make sure PowerSchool Learning recognizes your marks as "letter" grades rather than numbers, you'll need to use an extra character to distinguish between the mark "7#" and the number "7."

The Diploma Programme can also work with Standards-Based Grading in PowerSchool Learning - and this has the added advantage of allowing you to track student performance against specific IB markband descriptors. In this case, the 1-7 scale for each standard might look something like this.


You can find these settings in your Applications tab:

  1. Go to Domain Control
  2. Go to Applications
  3. Choose Features
  4. Click Settings next to Standards-Based Grading

The Middle Years and Primary Years Programmes can also work well with Standards-Based Grading in PowerSchool Learning, though the catch is that you'll need to agree on one overall grading scale for your whole domain, which may or may not line up with the preferred scales for each individual IB programme.